ICHRA Advantages

Better Benefits from the Start

Attract & Retain Your Team

Build your dream team without compromising. Offer personalized health insurance benefits from day one and ensure that your people have everything they need and deserve.

Control Costs

Set a benefits budget and stick to it. Determine the allowable reimbursement rates and your costs will never be greater than that.

Set for Success

Never worry about health insurance again. We’ll help you identify eligible employees and define reimbursement limits. Employees purchase plans and we handle everything from onboarding to day-to-day support.

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Venteur provides the ideal ICHRA solution to meet your company’s needs

Easy to Use

We built Venteur with our users in mind. Get up and running quickly with pre-built integrations for seamless onboarding.

Free Up Time

We take care of payroll, email, and provide the integrations, so you can save time on benefits management.

Ability to Scale

No matter the size and scale of your operation, Venteur has the technology and structure to support your growth.

Control Costs

Give your employees more plan options while controlling your benefits costs to realize up to 30% in savings.

Always be Supported

Get the support you need to build and manage your plan and provide ongoing support for  your employees' needs.

Retain Top Talent

Attract and retain top talent with better, more valuable benefits programs that your people will go ape sh*t for.

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