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Venteur was built to provide the best employee benefits

Dive into the Venteur platform now and unlock a world of personalized coverage, streamlined processes, and hassle-free management.

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Super simple setup

We built Venteur with our users in mind. Get up and running quickly with pre-built integrations for seamless onboarding.

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Works with your systems

Get rid of time-consuming workflows and manual data entry. Venteur connects with payroll, email, and payments.

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On-demand experts

Our team of registered health insurance pros is here to answer any questions along the way and ensure that your employees pick the right plans.

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Premium payments

We take care of premium payments and keep everything transparent through monthly audit reports.

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Taking down group plans one premium at a time

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Group Plan
Responsibility taken by the individual market plan
Personalized plan choices
Easy and flexible plan design
Control over premium increases
No minimums for participation
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Step 1

Dial in your optimal contribution

Venteur will help you create employee groups to make an equitable plan for all. Our calculator provides you with real-time access to insurance rates from around the country, so you can set your budget with ease.

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Step 2

Prepare for launch

Our team will help you create the right employee onboarding experience. We’ll take care of integrations and notifications. All you need to do is sit back and support your employees.

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Step 3

Onboard your team

From rollout to reminders, we’ll guide your employees through the whole process with clear and engaging communications. We make sure that the team gets the support they need.

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Step 4

Give your team their dream plan

Venteur’s AI ensures that employees pick the best insurance plan for their own needs. Our team of specialists is on standby for any questions. Once an employee selects the plan for themselves, we’ll take care of enrollment and premium payments!

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You got questions, we got answers!

We're here to help you make informed decisions on health insurance for your business. Check out our FAQs or contact us if you have any additional questions.

How does an ICHRA work?

ICHRA stands for Individual Coverage Health Reimbursement Arrangement (ICHRA). This health arrangement allows you to pick your own health insurance plan using your employer’s monthly tax-free allowance. These funds can be used to cover insurance premiums, including dental and vision, as well as qualified medical expenses.

What are the benefits of an ICHRA?

  • Your health plan belongs to you, and you can keep your health insurance if you leave your company. 
  • You get to choose from any qualified health plan on the market. Venteur can help you select a plan where your preferred doctors, providers, and prescriptions are covered.
  • If you choose a health plan that costs less than your employer contribution, the extra funds are added to Venteur’s Health Wallet, an account used to pay for qualified medical expenses.
What's the difference between an ICHRA and a Group Plan?

Group health insurance plans are purchased by companies and offered to their employees. Traditional group plans take a one-size-fits-all approach to healthcare, giving employees limited choice when it comes to their coverage options. Employer-sponsored ICHRAs give employees a tax-free allowance to pick any plan on the public exchange that meets their unique needs.

What is the Health Wallet and how can I use it?

1. What Your Health Wallet Balance Represents:

Your Health Wallet balance could be thought of as a measure of the medical expense reimbursements you're entitled to under your health insurance plan. It's essential to note that it isn't quite like a bank account with a set amount of accessible cash. Rather, consider it as a marker of what you're eligible to get reimbursed for as part of your ICHRA plan.

When you shop for insurance through the app, you will see a dollar amount that is available for out-of-pocket expenses. This amount is what gets contributed to your Health Wallet account for your use in reimbursements. However, depending on how your employer has setup the account, it may be available immediately or it may be available after every monthly invoice.

2. Your Health Wallet Account:

When your account is setup, there is a predetermined way on how your Health Wallet functions for your reimbursement funds. The first scenario is that there is money that has been set aside at the start of the period which can be used for your reimbursements. You may see the entire amount entitled to you is immediately available for medical expense reimbursements. It's like having a store of health benefits ready to be used when you need them.

3. Simplifying the Health Wallet Experience:

We're always striving to enhance your experience and are currently working on making the Health Wallet balance operate more like a pre-paid debit card. This shift aims to streamline the funding process further and allow you quicker and more direct access to your health reimbursements, leading to an even smoother journey for you.

Remember, whether your account shows the funds immediately or after every invoice, it doesn't affect the overall sum you're entitled to under your ICHRA plan; it merely affects the timing of when you will receive the reimbursements.

Your trust is important to us, and we're continually striving to make our services better for you. If you ever have questions about your Health Wallet or anything that would help make for a more understandable benefits experience with us, don't hesitate to reach out to our customer service team.

Do ICHRAs meet the Affordable Care Act's employer mandate?

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) requires that employers with more than 50 full-time equivalent employees provide health insurance to their employees. This is known as the 'employer mandate'.

ICHRAs can meet the mandate as long as they are considered 'affordable.' According to IRS, 'an ICHRA is affordable if the remaining amount an employee has to pay for a self-only silver plan on the exchange is less than 8.39% of the employee’s household income.'

To simplify, this means that the ICHRA contribution an employee receives cannot be less than the lowest-cost silver plan available to the employee - (8.39% of the employee's household income).

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