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Discover Artemis, powered by Venteur

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Stacy Edgar
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So, what makes Artemis so special?

Named for the famed Greek goddess of the hunt, Artemis empowers employers and employees alike to hunt for cost-savings when it comes to health insurance. 

Artemis also happens to be the matriarch of an orca pod T65A -- a group of killer whales residing in the Pacific Northwest. The Venteur team had the good fortune of encountering Artemis and her family in Seattle this past May, and she quickly became our muse. After all, we know that moms everywhere are the Chief Medical Officer of the home. She’s the one you can depend on to have your back. We’ve built Artemis to empower you with tools to make sure your family is protected. 

Artemis includes the following features: 

Apex AI

Powering Artemis is an AI-engine that makes shopping for health insurance easy. Our AI is trained on 30 years of medical claims data and incorporates behavioral insights gained from Venteur’s experience as an ICHRA administrator. We draw on payroll data to predict likely medical events, associated costs, and the health insurance plans that will offer you the right amount of protection.

Venteur's AI engine offers personalized health insurance plan recommendations and a seamless enrollment experience.

Health Wallet

ICHRA’s superpower is the flexibility it offers families. Employers now spend $24,000 per employee per year for health insurance premiums. What if your employer were to give you $24,000 in pre-tax cash? What would you do with it? Think about it. Instead of tying up money in “sick care,” Artemis enables you to actually afford to invest in your wellness. Rather than spending $24,000 on health insurance, you can spend $10,000 and then use the remaining $14,000 to pay for doctors visits, prescriptions, maybe even a massage, an acupuncture treatment, or a new skincare routine.

Employees can set aside a portion of your ICHRA funding to their Health Wallet.


Artemis also takes good care of our seniors. We make it easy for ICHRA participants age 65 or older to set up automatic reimbursements for their medicare premiums. On the first of every month, we’ll send you a direct deposit for your Medicare Part A and B, Medicare Advantage (Part C), Prescription Coverage (Part D), and/or Medigap plan.

Artemis facilitates ICHRA reimbursements for Medicare.

PremiumPay and PremiumProtector

Artemis manages the monthly premium payments for ICHRA participants with our PremiumPay service, ensuring a hassle-free ICHRA experience. We're excited to introduce PremiumProtector for 2024. This daily audit service actively monitors accounts by working hand-in-hand with national health insurance carriers. If a carrier makes an administrative error, we step in immediately to advocate for you, correcting the issue on your behalf. Both employers and employees are kept informed with detailed monthly audit reports, guaranteeing transparency at every step.

PremiumProtector facilitates transparent and traceable ICHRA transactions.


Artemis allows you to connect your payroll in minutes through our new PodSync feature. We pull from payroll data to automate employee on-boarding and off-boarding. We'll handle communications automatically for you from entrance to exit, sending personalized welcome emails, invitations to shop, COBRA notices, and more. Artemis’s payroll sync functionality saves you valuable time and money, so you can focus on building your business empire.

Venteur syncs with your payroll system to save you on routine HR tasks.

The Beginning of a Health Insurance Revolution

Artemis is spearheading a health insurance revolution. And we’re just getting started. We’re excited to collaborate with all of you to make Artemis even more powerful in the years to come. 

[Click here] ( get in touch and book a demo of Artemis.

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