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Modern health benefits ready for enterprise scale

Venteur's ICHRA solution makes it simple to migrate to an employee-first benefits solution that your admins and employees will all love!

Our Employer Platform

Venteur was built to provide the best employee benefits

Dive into the Venteur platform now and unlock a world of personalized coverage, streamlined processes, and hassle-free management.

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Super simple setup

We built Venteur with our users in mind. Get up and running quickly with pre-built integrations for seamless onboarding.

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Works with your systems

Get rid of time-consuming workflows and manual data entry. Venteur connects with payroll, email, and payments.

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On-demand experts

Our team of registered health insurance pros is here to answer any questions along the way and ensure that your employees pick the right plans.

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Premium payments

We take care of premium payments and keep everything transparent through monthly audit reports.

Better benefits from the start

AKA: benefits without the baggage

With Venteur’s ICHRA solutions, you can save time and money, gain operational flexibility, and take control.

Free up time

We take care of payroll, email, and provide the integrations, so you can save time on benefits management.

Privacy and security

Venteur is SOC2 and HIPAA certified. We safeguard your staff’s data ensuring your privacy is always respected.

Consistent support

Venteur offers the hands-on support you need to build and manage your plan. In turn, your hospital provides ongoing support for your staff.

Easy to use

We built Venteur with our users in mind. Get up and running quickly with pre-built integrations for seamless onboarding.

Hands-off admin

Venteur's got admin covered including, notices, summary plan documents, forms, and patient-centered research.

Retain top talent

Attract and retain top talent with better, more valuable benefits programs that your people absolutely love.

Venteur dashboard displaying the Contribution tabVenteur Benefit Plan Distribution per MonthVenteur dashboard displaying graphsVenteur dashboard displaying the Marketplace tab
Step 1

Dial in your optimal contribution

Venteur will help you create employee groups to make an equitable plan for all. Our calculator provides you with real-time access to insurance rates from around the country, so you can set your budget with ease.

Venteur dashboard displaying the Contribution tab
Step 2

Prepare for launch

Our team will help you create the right employee onboarding experience. We’ll take care of integrations and notifications. All you need to do is sit back and support your employees.

Venteur Benefit Plan Distribution per Month
Step 3

Onboard your team

From rollout to reminders, we’ll guide your employees through the whole process with clear and engaging communications. We make sure that the team gets the support they need.

Venteur dashboard displaying graphs
Step 4

Give your team their dream plan

Venteur’s AI ensures that employees pick the best insurance plan for their own needs. Our team of specialists is on standby for any questions. Once an employee selects the plan for themselves, we’ll take care of enrollment and premium payments!

Venteur dashboard displaying the Marketplace tab
Compare Plans

Taking down group plans one premium at a time

ICHRA magic
Group Plan
Responsibility taken by the individual market plan
Personalized plan choices
Easy and flexible plan design
Control over premium increases
No minimums for participation
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