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Evolving our Engineering Team

Written by
Tim Edgar
Published on
May 1, 2024
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5 min read

Today, I'm excited to share that, driven by the ever-growing demands of our market, we're gearing up to significantly expand our engineering team.  We are officially adding senior and principal roles and formalizing our engineering career framework to help define our engineering principles for senior positions.   

To seasoned engineers who want to apply your hard-earned technical acumen to shaping the future of American healthcare, I invite you to join us in that journey.  Check out our new roles

To engineering leaders and founders shaping their engineering culture, I welcome you to give us feedback as we embark on this next chapter. 

A World-Class Team for a World-Class Challenge 

At Venteur, we are building the infrastructure for a modern healthcare experience.  Our mission is to unlock the $1.6T that employers spend on healthcare for a more consumer-driven healthcare experience.  Today, your compensation includes tens of thousands of dollars that is spent on your behalf and decided by HR and brokers.  You are a number on a spreadsheet, and we can do better than a century-old, one-size-fits-all approach.  With Venteur, you can decide on what’s best for your longevity and wellness, supported by an AI-powered consumer experience to maximize this cash. 

To accomplish our mission, we’re building new rails into payments, healthcare, and insurance.  Here is some of what we are doing today: 

  • We are re-architecting the financial and payments layer of employer-sponsored care to enable the multitude of micro-transactions associated with individually owned health insurance. 
  • We are deeply integrating into payers and providers to smoothly facilitate both access to care and payments.  Benefits should just work
  • Also, we are sensitive about overwhelming employees.  We’ve built AI agents to help individuals personalize and optimize their newly available dollars. 

Our vision of a consumer-centric healthcare system requires a foundation of robust technology built by a world-class engineering team. 

Our Principles for World-Class Engineering 

At the heart of this initiative is our commitment to engineering excellence.  We’re introducing a framework for current and future engineers of what this means to us.  Here is how we currently think about engineering excellence at Venteur: 

Technical Mastery 

To deeply innovate, we need to have rich understandings of both our technologies and the industry challenges.  Our product straddles fintech, insurtech, and healthtech, of which each have their own constraints and challenges.  At Venteur, engineers stay on top of their craft and the space we are innovating in so we can build the foundation of a consumer-centric healthcare. 

Analytical Problem Solving 

As professional engineers, we strive to build the right solution for the job that accounts for various constraints like time, longevity, functionality, cost, scale, and other considerations.  We balance being a fast-paced startup with the ability to move quickly with the important responsibility of our product’s influence over an individual’s access to care.  Engineers at Venteur are excellent problem solvers to maximize customer impact. 

Collaboration and Communication 

To achieve our desired impact, we not only need to work together effectively at Venteur, but also with various stakeholders and partners.  As engineers, we are mindful of how we communicate, ensuring that it’s accessible to non-technical audiences while being precise for technical collaborators. 

Adaptability and Resilience 

Being on the frontier of consumer-centric healthcare, we are constantly getting data from customers, market conditions, regulations, and many other sources.  Maximizing value for our customers requires us to adapt and evolve.  We embrace the ambiguity of creating something new, as we utilize time-efficient ways to experiment so we can better steer our product and technology decisions. 

Growth Mindset 

While we pride ourselves on being experts, there will always be so much we don’t know yet.  We approach the market with humility knowing that our intentions may not produce the desired results.  We continuously learn and grow so that we can craft the future we seek with positive outcomes for all Americans. 

Join Our Journey 

As we embark on this chapter, we’d love your help in accomplishing our vision for a consumer-centric healthcare system.  There are many ways you can help: 

  • If you are a seasoned engineer looking to shape American healthcare, I invite you to join our engineering team. Check out our jobs here
  • If you obsess over culture and building engineering organizations, I would love to get your feedback on our principles. 
  • If you want to see a better healthcare system, please share the word and help us create this future.
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