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The Affordable Future of Health Insurance: Unpacking the Potential of the CHOICE Arrangement Act

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Stacy Edgar
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This personal journey, shared by countless American families, inspired me to create Venteur with my brother and co-founder Tim. We knew there had to be a better way to make healthcare more affordable. Not just for our family, but for others. A way to ensure no one had to spend their time or hard-earned money struggling to find a doctor who understands their unique health issues, or battling for hours over the phone with insurance companies over coverage and claims.

Today, we stand at a pivotal moment in healthcare reform - one that’s not only shared by startups like ours, but with our legislators. The recent progress of HR 3799, the CHOICE Arrangement Act, through the House Committee on Ways and Means, is a beacon of hope for millions of American employees.

For background: The Custom Health Option and Individual Care Expense (CHOICE) Arrangement Act is built on a series of ground-breaking legislation designed to transform the healthcare landscape, including the Affordable Care Act] ( the [21st Century Cures Act. 

The CHOICE Act seeks to fortify the ability of employees to use employer-provided funds for choosing healthcare plans that meet their unique needs. It aims to accomplish this by strengthening and formally codifying the existing Health Reimbursement Arrangements (HRAs) regulation, which was originally established via executive order.

The potential bill provides a variety of benefits for both employers and employees, like:

  • Offering defined contributions for qualified health insurance or medical expenses
  • Tax benefits for employer-contributed funds
  • No restrictions based on business size or contribution limits
  • Flexible offerings to different groups of employees

In summary: For businesses, the CHOICE Act offers predictability and ease of budgeting for healthcare expenses, while for employees, it provides unprecedented choice and portability in their healthcare plans. This aligns perfectly with the mission we have at Venteur: to empower employees with a greater voice, choice, and control over their healthcare decisions. 

The idea for Venteur, conceived by Tim and myself, sprang from our personal experience with our father’s health prognosis. We felt a strong desire to transform the healthcare industry, shifting its focus towards a patient-centric approach. The CHOICE Arrangement Act aligns with this vision, initiating a fundamental transformation in how we perceive employer-sponsored health insurance.

As the CHOICE Arrangement Act moves towards a full vote in the House of Representatives, there’s a lot at stake. The United States has one of the highest costs of healthcare in the world; in 2021, U.S. healthcare spending reached $4.3 trillion. And according to the 2023 Milliman Medical Index, health care now costs $31,065 for a family of four.  

The need is palpable, but the path to systemic change in our system is lined with challenges. Despite the obstacles, we must remember that this change won't happen overnight. Much like my own family’s 30-year journey, it requires advocacy, perseverance, and collective action.

My family’s struggle with healthcare costs is not just a personal battle; it reflects the plight of millions of American families who are fighting the same fight, highlighting gaps in a system that often places profits before patients.

But it also inspired a solution – one that puts control back into the hands of those who it matters most: the individuals navigating their health journey.

The beauty of the CHOICE Arrangement Act, and indeed of ICHRAs, lies in the flexibility they offer. Every individual's health journey is unique, and a one-size-fits-all plan can't cater to everyone's needs. ICHRAs allow employees to choose a plan that suits their individual health needs, ensuring they have access to the doctors, services, and coverage levels they require, all within a price point they can afford. This personalization of health care can alleviate the stress and uncertainty that traditionally accompany employer-sponsored health insurance.

At Venteur, we strive to bring this vision to life by guiding employers in crafting customized health benefits that not only meet their employees' unique needs but also fit within their budget constraints. Through our work, we aspire to contribute to a future where healthcare decisions are made in the living rooms of families, rather than in the boardrooms of corporations.

As we navigate the complexities of healthcare legislation, let's remember the people huddled around their dinner tables, facing the daunting reality of healthcare costs. Together, we can advocate for a future where those families feel heard, understood, and empowered. 

The road to revolutionizing healthcare is long, but with every step, we inch closer to a future where health insurance is accessible, affordable, and personalized for every American.

It’s a future my brother and I have envisioned since those childhood dinners. And it's a future we, at Venteur, are committed to making a reality.

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