Two hospital employees on an ICHRA plan, scanning an MRI.
A hospital employee selecting their ICHRA plan.
ICHRA Advantages

Supporting the unique needs of hospitals

Control Costs

ICHRAs help hospitals align benefits budgets to your staff’s health priorities. Experience up to 30% cost savings.

Reduce Turnover

Historically, hospitals suffer from high staff turnover. Attract and retain top talent by offering flexible health insurance plans.

Empower Employees

Your employees gain greater control over their health and well-being with portable health plan options, while you gain predictability in your health insurance cost.

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Why Venteur for your hospital?

Free up time

We take care of payroll deductions, email, and provide the integrations, so you and your administrative staff can save time on benefits.

Privacy & Security

Venteur is SOC2 and HIPAA certified. We safeguard your staff’s data ensuring your privacy is always respected.

Consistant Support

Venteur offers the hands-on support you need to build and manage your plan. In turn, your hospital provides ongoing support for your staff.

Easy to Use

We built Venteur with our users in mind. Get up and running quickly with pre-built integrations for seam-less onboarding, usage, and management.

Hands-Off Admin

Venteur's got admin covered including, notices, summary plan documents, forms, and patient-centered research.

Retain Top Tallet

Attract and retain top talent with better, more valuable benefits programs that your people absolutely love.

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