ICHRA Eligible Expenses: What's Covered and What's Not - The Ultimate List

Timothy Dahl
Oct 12, 2023

Regarding Individual Coverage Health Reimbursement Arrangements (ICHRA), understanding what expenses are eligible for reimbursement is crucial to managing your family's healthcare plan. With the flexibility that ICHRAs offer, it's essential to have a comprehensive list of covered expenses to make the most of this innovative healthcare option.

In this article, we break it all down for you, separating the eligible expenses from those that aren't, providing you with a complete list so you can make informed decisions. 

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What are ICHRAs?  

ICHRAs are employer-sponsored health benefits that allow employees to use pre-tax dollars to pay for qualified medical expenses, making healthcare more accessible and cost-effective. At Venteur, we call this your "Health Wallet".  

ICHRA Eligible Expenses - What's Covered

Here are the covered expenses that are eligible for reimbursement from your Venteur health wallet.

Medical Care


Annual Physical Exams

Ambulance Services

Alcoholism Treatment

Artificial Limbs

Artificial Teeth



Birth Control Pills

Body Scans

Weight Loss and Weight Management Drugs (e.g., Ozempic and Wegovy)

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Vision and Dental Care

Contact Lenses

Dental Treatment

Eye Exams


Eye Surgery

Braille Books and Magazines

Guide Dog



Vision Correction Surgery

Home Modifications and Care

Capital Expenses to Improve Your Home for Medical Care (e.g., ramps and support bars)

Car Hand Controls and Wheelchair Accessibility

Home Care

Lodging for Medical Care

Qualified Long-Term Care

Medical Conferences

Nursing Home Care


Transportation and Trips for Medical Reasons

Mental Health and Therapy

Christian Science Practitioner

Drug Addiction Treatment

Certain Medicines

Psychiatric Care




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Health-Related Services

Health Institute Treatment

HMO Expenses

Hospital Services

Hospital Meals

Specialized Medical Expenses:

Fertility Enhancement (e.g., in vitro fertilization)

Disabled Dependent Care Expenses

Learning Disabilities

Special Education for a Child


Stop-Smoking Programs



Weight-Loss Programs (for treating a disease)


Personal Protective Equipment (like masks and hand sanitizer)

Prepaid Insurance Premiums

Lactation Expenses

Lead-Based Paint Removal

Telephone Equipment for Deaf or Hard of Hearing Persons

Television Equipment for Deaf or Hard of Hearing Persons

X Rays


Breast Pumps and Supplies

Breast Reconstruction Surgery


Hearing Aids

Premium Tax Credit



Ineligible Expenses - What's Not Covered  

While ICHRAs are incredibly versatile, there are some expenses that they typically do not cover and are unavailable for reimbursement:  

Non-Medical Expenses



Controlled Substances

Cosmetic Surgery

Dancing Lessons

Diaper Service


Health Club Dues

Household Help

Illegal Operations and Treatments

Maternity Clothes

Medicine from Other Countries

Nonprescription Drugs and Medicines

Nutritional Supplements

Personal Use Items (like toothbrushes)

Swimming Lessons

Teeth Whitening

Veterinary Fees

Weight Loss Programs (that aren't for treating a disease)

Understanding the ins and outs of ICHRA eligible expenses is essential for maximizing this employee benefit. By knowing what's covered and what's not, you can effectively manage your healthcare expenses and ensure you receive the maximum benefit from your ICHRA.  

As your ICHRA plan administrator, Venteur is available to help you navigate this list and any other questions you have about an ICHRA plan. Contact us today.

Refer to IRS Publication 502 for more detailed information about eligible medical expenses.  

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