What Is Covered Under Short Term Disability Insurance

Team Orca
Jan 7, 2022

Temporary disability can hinder your ability to work and earn a living.

The mysterious thing about disabilities is that you can hardly tell when they might happen. So, getting short-term disability insurance is the best thing you can do to protect yourself.

Short-term disability insurance will sort you out at your point of need by providing you with financial support to cater to your needs when out of work. For example, the insurance would replace part or all of your income if you suffered a temporary disability.

You can pay for the insurance on your own, especially if you are self-employed, or your employer will pay for it if you are employed.

Many people confuse short-term disability insurance with workers' compensation coverage. However, the two types of coverage are entirely different. 

The workers' compensation covers employees who fell ill or got injured while at work, while short-term disability covers employees even if the team member got injured outside the workplace.

However, an employee cannot qualify for benefits from the two types of covers for the same occurrence simultaneously.

What Is Covered?

There are several benefits of short term disability insurance, but it is crucial to understand what it covers before you get the cover and make the right decision. Some of the issues it covers include:


While expecting your newborn, it is essential to apply for your short-term disability insurance before the day comes because you will need some months' leave to take care of your baby. That is when you will need some money to cater to your needs and your child's needs. 

Though the short-term disability insurance policies vary from one insurer to another, they can facilitate up to 60 percent of your salary for a specific period after delivering the baby. However, the period could be longer if you experienced a C-section or other complications.

Accidental Injury 

Slip and fall injuries are common at the workplace. Therefore, employers should ensure consistent remittances of funds needed to protect their employees from such accidents.

Reports indicate that falls account for over 8 million emergency hospital visits in the United States. In addition, the floors and flooring materials account for more than 2 million workplace fall injuries every year.

The short-term disability insurance will cover accidental injuries, including broken limbs, arms, hands, legs, wrist, or ankle. 


Depending on the nature of the illness, the short-term disability insurance covers medical conditions that prevent workers from reporting to work for some weeks or months. In addition, the insurance cover will ensure you have a continuous flow of income to cater to your needs while out of work.

How Does Short Term Disability Insurance Work?

Short-term disability insurance also works under specific policies like any other insurance policy. Even though it aims at protecting both workers and their employers when the employees cannot do their work, one must qualify to enjoy the benefits. 

You will be required to prove beyond any doubt that your condition cannot allow you to work for a specific period. It would mean presenting legit medical documents from licensed medical institutions to prove your case while filing a claim.

Once the application is verified, the employees will receive the income specified in the policy benefits to keep the employee financially stable until they return to work.

In addition, since the insurance company pays the benefits, the plan makes it easier for employers to hire other employees to stand in for the ailing one without any financial strain.

While many individuals ask about how long one can wait to start collecting the benefits and how long the cover lasts, it is essential to note that the policies vary from one insurer to another.

 However, the waiting period is usually 14 days for most insurers, while most policies provide benefits for three to six months. You will see all the provisions while signing up for the cover. 

Interestingly, short-term disability insurance is mandatory in some states in the United States.

For example, New York and California require employers to have disability insurance for their employees. It is also essential to note that short-term disability insurance could exclude preexisting conditions or intentional injuries.

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