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Unlocking Health's Future: CES 2024's Must-See Products!

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Timothy Dahl
Published on
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Here are our top five favorite health and wellness products we found at CES 2024, many of which are available now.

Withings ScanWatch: An Analog Smart Watch

If the digital display of your Apple Watch is a turn-off, check out the Withings ScanWatch, which has many health monitoring features available in a beautiful analog watch.

Benefits include heart health monitoring, breathing disturbances tracking, sleep analysis, and activity tracking. But, the top feature is its 30-day battery life!

Carewear Wearable Red Light Therapeutics

Influencers like Bryan Johnson have popularized red light therapy, which holds a lot of promise as a way to treat various ailments and can promote skin health, assist in pain management and develop brain health.

There are various ways to use red light therapy, from full red light beds to red light facial masks. But, Carewear has designed wearable red light therapeutic devices to provide red light therapy to any part of your body using a convenient and reusable light patch.

Airthings Air Quality Monitoring

Indoor air quality is an overlooked metric of a home, but arguably the most important. Considering the average American spends 17 hours at home indoors per day, monitoring indoor air quality should be paramount to our health.

Airthings has developed a system that includes air purifiers and smart monitors, that work together to provide your home with a constant stream of clean air. If any levels get out of whack like elevated radon or gasses, you’ll be the first to know and Airthings will adjust the purifiers to keep your home in the clear.

UVCeed Water Disinfection Light

UV light can be used to disinfect surfaces, and with the UVCeed water disinfection light it can be used to clear water of bacteria, germs, and viruses. 

UVCeed has a UV smartphone attachment that they’ve now designed to fit onto a water bottle lid to almost instantly clean the inside of your bottle and disinfect the water. Soapy water doesn’t always finish cleaning a bottle, but the UVCeed lid should.

Ergosportive Sleep System

In addition to body monitoring devices, sleep systems were the big winners at CES. Everywhere you looked, there were all types of mattresses and monitors that were designed to help you get a better night's sleep. 

The National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute has identified poor sleep as a key indicator for health issues ranging from heart and respiratory problems to hormone and immune system imbalances. 

The Ergosportive sleep system is a smart bed with sensors to improve sleep quality. It was originally designed for athletes to improve performance, but those same benefits apply to everyone.

Understanding how your body functions during sleep can answer how your body functions while awake.

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